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Election Dissection

A playbook for balancing pandemic safety and election security

Election Dissection contributor David Levine of the Alliance for Securing Democracy put out a comprehensive guidebook for securing the vote in 2020. The report shows that the innovative ways officials in the United States and Europe are making voting more accessible during the Covid-19 pandemic come with some security risks. On top of that, the persistent risks of foreign interference, cyberattacks and disinformation continue.

Levine addresses everything from added infection-prevention costs to poll watching to post-election audits.

Here's the conclusion:

As countries' authorities and election management bodies make changes to their election processes in response to the coronavirus, they must carefully consider the election security risks such changes introduce, while ensuring that elections carried out during the pandemic are accessible, secure, and legitimate. Doing otherwise risks making elections more vulnerable to adversaries and undermining public confidence in the democratic process.

Read the full report.

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