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Voters Not Politicians

Voters Not Politicians defends and promotes policies which strengthen democracy. Michigan's government must truly represent the will of the people, all votes must count equally, and all voices must be heard. Our representatives must not be unduly influenced by lobbyists or special interests or motivated by personal gain.
News. Community. Debate. Levers for better democracy.

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The Next Big Thing: Redistricting in Michigan and the Role of Communities of Interest

Organizers: Voters Not Politicians and the University of Michigan's Ford School

Register to learn how you/your community can participate in the process of drawing the new district maps in Michigan. This event will provide information about "communities of interest," and how to engage with the Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission in Michigan's new redistricting process.

Location: Webinar

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Michigan has been the biggest redistricting battleground this decade.

Michigan GOP fails again to stop new redistricting panel

Another Republican attempt to block Michigan's independent redistricting commission was dismissed Monday by a federal judge.

The state Republican Party's lawsuit argued that restrictions on who may serve on the new panel violated the free speech and free association rights of potential GOP commissioners — the same argument a federal appeals court rebuffed just three months ago.

Battleground Michigan has been at the heart of the gerrymandering debate since the start of the decade, when Republicans took control of Lansing and drew some of the most assertively partisan legislative and congressional maps in the country. In response, 61 percent in a grassroots-driven 2018 referendum decided to turn the next decade's line-setting over to a panel outside the control of politicians.

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VoteSafe Weekend of Action

Organizer: Voters Not Politicians

Join us for a weekend of action as we call voters throughout Michigan about VoteSafe and to remind them to complete the AV ballot application as soon as possible. When signing up, please select the time you'd like to receive training. We are asking all attendees to complete 50 phone calls by Sunday evening.

Location: Virtual

VoteSafe Virtual Town Hall

Organizer: Voters Not Politicians

Join Voters Not Politicians for a VoteSafe Town Hall. Voters Not Politicians launched the VoteSafe campaign to protect public health and the integrity of our elections during the COVID-19 pandemic. The VoteSafe campaign will build upon Michigan's no-reason absentee voting laws to ensure that this global health crisis does not become a democracy crisis in Michigan. By automatically mailing every registered voter a ballot, our lawmakers can make sure that all voters can cast their vote and make their voices heard without endangering their health or the health of their communities. Join us to learn what steps we're taking to help ensure safe elections, and how YOU can help.

Location: Webinar

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