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The State of Reform
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Op-eds of the week: no more electors, guide for Covid divide and Penn. gerrymandering

Our weekly op-ed highlight reel

News is the heart of what we're about. But The Fulcrum is also a forum for debate about what's ailing American democracy and what could make the system healthier. So here are the most provocative opinion pieces we've posted this week.

Though now made to be faithful, electors should be replaced with a formula

"Nothing is gained and no party benefits from keeping human electors, as compared to states' simply reporting their electoral votes," argues Kevin Johnson of the Election Reformers Network.

4 principles to guide us past our Covid crisis divisions

"We must be willing to consider others' viewpoints if we're going to get through the pandemic together," write Mariah Levison of Minnesota's Office of Collaboration and Dispute Resolution and Rob Fersh of Convergence.

Gerrymandered Pennsylvanians seeking a redress of their grievances

"Some of us have spent 30 years asking for redress of an unfair redistricting process and an increasingly intransigent legislature," writes Fair Districts PA's Carol Kuniholm.

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Meanwhile, here are our latest news stories:

Progressives press Senate to make quick work of new election aid

South Carolina to pick up postage tab for absentee voters

Meet the reformer: Louise Dubé, driving more equitable and inclusive civics learning

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