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The State of Reform
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Our legislators (still) aren’t the fairest cartographers

The Supreme Court wrapped its session this week, ruling on a couple of democracy reform issues before finishing up. The court decided that states can punish so-called faithless electors who vote against the will of the voters. (Though this professor thinks the ruling doesn't start to touch on the real issues.) And there was a mixed bag of rulings on President Trump's taxes.

Partisan gerrymandering reports were in abundance this week. A congressional study found that over the last two decades, Republicans benefited way more from the practice than Democrats — but they also saw some gains. And according to liberal Center for American Progress, GOP leaders in four states have used their gerrymandered advantages to make it harder to access the ballot box.

And in Michigan (coincidentally one of the four states in the CAP study), a second Republican lawsuit trying to take down the new independent redistricting commission got slapped down fast. Maybe they'll let it go now.

And because… pandemic:

— Tristiaña Hinton

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