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The State of Reform
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What's happening this week in democracy reform

Our weekly bulletin board

Here are the highlights of what fix-the-system groups are planning for the coming week — and other events important to the cause of reforming democracy.

Tuesday, July 28

A Constitutional Crisis Could be Coming: Why it could take until 2022 to resolve the 2020 election, 5 pm Eastern

A disputed election and Constitutional crisis over the counting of mail-in votes would be a disaster for our country. Please join Reform Elections Now to discuss this threat to American Democracy and actions that can be taken now to resolve these problems before they occur.

The Conservative Case to Get Money Out, 8 pm Eastern

Join American Promise and conservative leaders in the movement for a political roundtable on how to get big money out of politics and put power back in the hands of the American people.

'Democracy Through the Looking Glass' Film Screening & Discussion, 6 pm Pacific

Join Fix Democracy First to watch this documentary that explores the evolution of traditional media models and their coverage of the run-up to the election.

Wednesday, July 29

National Textbank to End Corruption, noon Eastern

Join RepresentUs' National Textbank and help fuel the anti-corruption movement.

Gettysburg Revisited, 3 pm Eastern

In recognition of the anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg earlier this month, please join the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget and FixUS for a short, 30 minute conversation on the history of Gettysburg and what lessons it can teach with Dr. Matthew Moen, outgoing president of the Gettysburg Foundation.

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Thursday, July 30

Digital Campaign Ethics — Theory and Practice, 1 pm Eastern

Digital and tech entrepreneur and best-selling author Cheryl Contee, digital campaign veteran Bradley Engle, and political communication professor at Emerson College and Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Vincent Raynauld join Project on Ethics in Political Communication's director Peter Loge to talk about digital and online campaign ethics.

Saturday, August 1

Take Back Your Power Weekend

On August 1 and 2, The Andrew Goodman Foundation hosts its first annual "Take Your Power Back Weekend," a virtual conference to help you take your power back and prepare you to vote in 2020 and beyond. Join the foundation for. two days of inspiration, education, and empowerment provided by elected officials, student activists, athletes, and artists.

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